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Frontline Strategy is a specialist Private Equity Advisory Firm providing growth capital and expertise to businesses primarily focused on India. It is increasingly looking at USA, Singapore and ASEAN region for further investment opportunities. Incorporated in Mauritius in 2000, Frontline Strategy has targeted growth oriented companies for investment with a focus on pre-Venture Capital stage companies.

With a new MAS registered Venture Capital Fund Management Company incorporated in Singapore in 2018, the company has grown into a successful investment group (namely Frontline Strategy Funds Group) with an extensive and diversified private equity investment portfolio.

Over the years, Frontline Strategy Funds Group has built its success on its extensive experience and industry insight. The Group with its rich experience in the Venture Capital / Private Equity industry aims to invest in emerging and growth oriented companies in its targeted geographies.

Our Strategy

The firm leverages a strong team of notable business leaders and proven company builders with vast reach in the regions to add substantial value to portfolio companies.

Tangible Value Addition

Sales Driven Approach

Process Driven Deal Filtration

Monthly Monitoring and Engagement


Frontline Strategy Funds manages the following products across the spectrum of Alternative Investments besides being actively involved in other investment vehicles in this space through strategic stakes:


Strategic Ventures Fund (SVF), was incorporated in Mauritius in 2000 as a sector agnostic close-ended fund focused on early stage investment. The fund was converted into an open-ended structure in 2005. This structure allowed for:

  • existing investors to redeem their capital at the end of each quarter
  • recycling of the distributions into fresh investments, on divestment

The fund committed amount of over USD23 Million in areas such as manufacturing, IT, Pharmaceuticals, and Defense Electronics areas

SVF has generated an IRR of 22%, net of fees, over the period 2001-14. FSL believes that this return puts SVF in the top decile of comparable tenured funds in India.

It has completed its lifecycle – 15 investments of which 11 are full exits and 1 is a partial exit

India Industrial Growth Fund (IIGF) was a private equity fund launched in 2008.  IIGF was set up for investments in India’s small and medium enterprises, with ticket size of USD 5-15 million and total committed size of US$ 50 Million.

Focus on investments in privately negotiated equity and equity-linked investments in unlisted, emerging and growth-oriented companies in the small and medium enterprise (SME) segment under FDI compliance.

Aimed at value creation by seeking to accelerate the portfolio companies’ growth curve, by leveraging the investment team’s worldwide network and experience.

Fund offers a global network of relationships, helps set-up systems, processes and governance as well as senior level recruitments, along with growth, expansion and restructuring capital.

The Fund has completed its term.

Prestellar Ventures Fund is promoted by Frontline Strategy Funds, CG Corp Global, Satin India, and N.E. Group.

The fund has access to 100+ in-house companies and 11000+ employee networks in 30+ countries for sales and business development opportunities of portfolio companies.

The fund seeks to create business development opportunities for early stage Companies after full analysis of General Partners’ business capabilities and entrepreneurial and advisory boards’ network to create value for the startups.

Prestellar Ventures has committed capital in three startups that are leveraging general partner’s distribution network to scale up the businesses.

Current Investments: Third Wave Power Pte Ltd, Versafleet Pte Ltd and Rental Stay Pvt Ltd.


Strategic Ventures Fund II  seeks to accelerate the growth of portfolio companies through its external and internal sales connections. The Fund aims at systemized, scalable, disciplined, early-stage investing in 50+ high traction, risk calibrated portfolio companies to generate a superior portfolio return through a value-added investment strategy.

The fund has a term of 7+2 years with an investment period of 48 months and investment target on Technology-driven startups based in the South and South-East Asia region.

Affiliated Funds & Capital Pools

2point2 offers a PE style research (deep, exhaustive) based investing approach in the listed equity space. It is an investment firm focused on long term in high quality publicly listed Indian companies at reasonable valuations.

2Point2 was co-founded by Amit Mantri and Savi Jain in 2016 (IIT Kharagpur graduates). They have a combined investing experience of 17 years, primarily in the private equity and hedge fund industry.

As an investment manager, its primary goal is to protect capital, followed by the goal to generate returns that exceed the equity index return over the long term.


CCube Angels Network is structured as a pledge fund. CCube brings together a set of investors who understand business with entrepreneurs who require scale up capital to achieve the next level in their growth trajectory. CCube’s attempt is to be the first institutional investor in a differentiated high growth company by focusing on Pre Series A round of funding. CCube is focusing on India and the ASEAN region and aims to plug its portfolio companies with the rest of the world through its partner network.

Our contribution goes beyond just capital and includes assistance with strategy formulation, market penetration and key introductions: made possible by our extensive interactions with multiple companies over the years.

Besides Pre Series A funding, angel investing is of particular interest to many of our investor members. CCube is seeking to assist early stage entrepreneurs realize their dream of building successful companies through strategic counseling, network connectivity and risk capital in a manner that is beneficial to all stakeholders involved.

CCube embodies the power of collective investing. Membership is by invite only. Member investors, on an average, have more than US$1m in surplus investible funds allocated towards alternative investments and the group numbers 175+ members currently. We estimate that CCube represents a corpus in excess of US$100m dedicated towards investments in early stage companies.


Other Products

Engineered by successful serial entrepreneurs and veteran seed investors, the TABS Suite is the first DaaS (Diligence-as-a-Service) platform that provides a comprehensive, holistic, and in-depth qualitative evaluation of an early-stage venture. The TABS Score assessment aids in significantly shortening the due diligence process while providing the investor(s) with a complete picture, showing them the strengths and weaknesses of a company from a risk management perspective as well as a calculated valuation estimate.

Obtaining a TABS Score™ allows both companies and-or investors to identify and mitigate issues before they become problematic. Using a proprietary metric created by successful serial entrepreneurs, angels, and venture investors, these powerful analytics deliver a holistic and proactive risk assessment invaluable to anyone with skin in the game.


Revscale is a SaaS platform that develops successful outbound copy and sends thousands of tailored messages to your prospects via LinkedIn – Harnessing the power of social selling to significantly augment your existing revenue streams at a fraction of the cost.

Revscale writes tested outreach copy and sends thousands of personalized messages to your dream clients on LinkedIn — getting positive responses straight to your inbox.



Contact Us

Please ensure that you send us an executive summary which covers the following aspects:

  • Company background
  • Target market size and growth dynamics
  • Business strategy
  • Competitive USP of the company
  • Management team details
  • Pricing model and financial projections
  • Funding requirement and use of funds
  • Preliminary valuations expectation
  • Potential exit strategy

Please note that we do not sign any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements with respect to any investment opportunities. You should only include information that you deem to be non-confidential. By submitting information to us you agree to the above terms and conditions.


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