Small and Medium Enterprises Equity Investment

Investment Objectives

Our key objective is to achieve above-average medium to long term capital appreciation through private investments in equity and equity-linked instruments in unlisted, emerging and growth-oriented companies in the small and medium enterprise (SME) segment. We aim to invest in companies operating in high growth sectors and create significant value for our investors by seeking to accelerate the growth curve of our portfolio companies, by leveraging our extensive network and experience.

Equity Opportunities

We provide a combination of equity capital, strategic support and other value added services, playing a pro-active role in growing the business of small and medium-sized enterprises in India. We look at business investment opportunities in companies that have/require a low fixed-asset base but can scale up rapidly with the infusion of working capital. We are very ROI and cash flow focused, and do not invest in cyclical businesses. We invest in highly scalable companies at valuations which allow us to generate our minimum target return. Differentiation through aplication of technology is a key theme underpinning our portfolio approach.

Investment Strategies - Cash Flows, Management & Customers