Private Equity Investments

Alfa Transformers

Alfa Transformers makes power, distribution and furnace (specialty) transformers. Starting commercial production in 1988, the Company has scaled up its technical and design capability and now manufactures distribution and power transformers ranging from Small Pole Mounted Distribution Transformers of 10KVA, 12KV Class to Power Transformers of 10MVA, 36KV Class. The Company also manufactures furnace transformers, which are used in many continuous process industries, including steel plants. Alfa's focus on quality has given it the ISO 9001:2000 rating since 1997. The Company is in the process of expanding its distribution transformer capacity to meet sharply increasing demand from exports and the domestic market. Alfa is also setting up an amorphous core transformer plant, which will make it only the 3rd Company in India to have such a plant. Demand for amorphous core transformers is expected to increase substantially due to the demand for more efficient transformers by State Electricity Boards.

This investment has since been exited.