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Omnipresent Retail India Pvt. Ltd.

Omnipresent Retail India Pvt. Ltd. is the company behind Unlike conventional e-retailers, has evolved a model that focuses on making e-commerce inclusive by setting up physical contact points in established local stores in B&C category towns. The model's success is hinged on collaboration with local shops in target markets through technology platform and a strong supply chain. Edabba has already established a presence in over 100 outlets in 4 focused states.

The Company is able to provide the benefits of e-commerce to a class of customer that cannot ordinarily access computer/internet and do not have credit/debit cards. The Company sees this as the new way in which 'Bharat' will shop as neither brick nor click alone can service the aspiring customers of 'Bharat' satisfactorily due to our country's inherent challenges.

This investment has since been exited.