The Frontline Strategy Funds Team

The Frontline Strategy Funds Team has many years of collective experience in Indian Public markets, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Banking. The team has successfully invested and partnered with many companies in India. Our team of experienced private equity professionals has a successful track record of identifying “below the radar” companies across sectors, many of which have proven to be very successful investments over time. We provide more than just access to capital by playing a hands-on role through Board driven activism thus creating value for shareholders. The Core team brings systems and global practices to small and mid-sized companies, enabling them to scale up rapidly and be globally competitive. We are committed to helping our portfolio companies succeed.

Frontline Strategy Funds has over the years built an enviable portfolio of companies across sectors including pharmaceuticals, IT, Defence, engineering, healthcare, etc. It has an extensive network to generate a strong deal flow and has Principals/Advisors operating out of USA, Europe, Singapore and India.

Our key differentiator would be large number of profitable exits we have generated over time.



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